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Finca Mauritania

Santa Ana, El Salvador

Almond Apple Creamy

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Light Roast

Aida Batlle's 100% Bourbon variety coffee from the northeast slope of the Santa Ana volcano is a true classic. Cultivated with the utmost care and craftsmanship by the most dedicated producer we know, coffee from Finca Mauritania reveals its pedigree through immaculately clean and perfectly balanced sweetness and brightness. Look for notes of sweet almond and apple over a light and creamy body. 

KSA Kosher



Counter Culture only roasts the coffea arabica, but, under the species of arabica, we buy dozens of different coffee varieties from around the world. Learn more about varieties here.



Processing is the method to turn the fruit from a coffee tree into dried green coffee ready for roasting.


1,400–1,600 meters

This refers to the elevation at which this coffee was grown.


Through early-October 2020

This refers to the amount of time this coffee will be available for purchase at Counter Culture. Availability is determined by supply and also when the coffee tastes the freshest.


This coffee is the product of a dedicated, passionate artisan of coffee farming: Aida Batlle. Coffee runs in Aida's blood; she is a fifth generation coffee producer. It was her great-great-grandfather who is credited with bringing the Bourbon variety—for which El Salvador is famous—to El Salvador. Aida has been managing the family's farms since 2003, when, in her first year as a full-time coffee farmer, her coffee won top prize at the inaugural El Salvador Cup of Excellence Competition.  

We have never met a coffee farmer quite as passionate and dedicated to quality as Aida, and we have been amazed and gratified as, year after year, Aida pours her heart and soul into her harvest. Aida obsesses over the smallest details of coffee cultivation and harvesting: from pruning techniques, to finding the perfect point to pick her coffees, to the exploration of difficult, taste-enhancing washing and drying techniques. We have seen Aida dive into a full tank of coffee cherries to retrieve a single unripe bean. She is that passionate about absolute coffee perfection. 

From Aida’s forefather’s introduction of the Bourbon variety to El Salvador, to her refinement of it’s cultivation, harvest and processing generations later...raising the bar for coffee quality in El Salvador is a family tradition. It’s no wonder that coffee from this family's farms represent some of the best coffee in the country. This year's harvest from Finca Mauritania has a familiar milk chocolate and almond sweetness, with apple-like crispness and a big creamy body. 

Pronounced: (feen-kah mowr-ee-TAHN-yuh)

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