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Kapchorwa, Uganda

Green Grape Citrus Nut

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Light Roast

Our partnership with the ever-enterprising team at Kawacom’s washing station in Chema, Uganda has continued to bear fruitful coffees. This lot is specially prepared from coffee grown on farms in Kabeywa, one of the highest-altitude communities on Mount Elgon. With flavors of green apple, citrus, and nut, Kabeywa is an outstanding example of washed Ugandan coffee.

Kabeywa is our featured coffee for the month of May.

USDA Organic KSA Kosher


SL-14 and SL-28




1,800–1,900 meters


Through early-June 2022


Eastern Uganda is home to a chain of volcanoes, most notably Mount Elgon, which straddles the Kenya/Uganda border. The high altitude and rich soils provide an excellent environment for coffee and other flora and fauna. Frequent rains keep the Sipi river flowing and create 3 different waterfalls cascading from beautiful spots on the river's course down the mountain. Kawacom’s washing station sits between the first and the second waterfall in the town of Chema. They process and dry coffees grown on farms 1,750 meters above sea level all the way up to 2,300 meters. Their scaled operation also includes a system for converting cherry pulp into fertilizer, treating wastewater, and providing farmer outreach, training, and support.

We first purchased coffee from the washing station in 2014. The following year, we reached out directly to work together, pre-contracting coffees and agreeing to pay premiums for special preparations, like a community-specific lot from Kabeywa. The coffees we purchased that year represented a sea change in what we are used to tasting from Uganda and we’ve never looked back.

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