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NPR and Counter Culture Coffee have joined forces in the name of sustainably-sourced coffee and a more informed public. 

A delicious way to support NPR Programming

You can choose between a rotating selection of Single-Origins, hand-picked by our in-house coffee team, or an NPR Blend that's got a consistent flavor profile.

Welcome to the NPR Coffee Club

NPR Coffee Club Enamel Pin

All NPR Coffee Club members will receive a free enamel pin, because we all could use a little more public radio flair.

I need to tell you that it is the smoothest, most delicious coffee I've ever had, and with zero bitterness. I will absolutely be repurchasing.

- Kristin M (Facebook)

Not only is the coffee fantastic, but the company is also committed to sustainability. I plan to buy their coffee on a regular basis for home brewing! I've tasted their coffee at several coffee shops around the city, and it's always been excellent.

- Jessica W (Google)

Tried the micro-lot Kamavindi from Embu, Kenya recently and it was fantastic. Probably the best Kenyan coffee I have ever tried. Reasonably priced as well. Fantastic product.

- Jared K (Facebook)

Their focus on earth sustainability, community, planting "seeds", and partnerships, takes the thinking out of it for me b/c they did the research and took the responsibility, so they're a company and product I can support with my "dollar votes".

- Jessica N (Facebook)

I enjoyed their free Friday tasting/cupping/tour. When I shared my home roasting interest with the company's founder, Brett Smith, he provided a tour of the roasters and gave me a sample of Perennial Blend green beans. Now I can compare my amateur efforts with the coffee I cupped and bought. It was a fun morning.

- David H (Google)

Counter Culture Coffee isn't just a business, it's a experience. I joined some friends for their Friday tastings and it was absolutely amazing.

- Kiara R (Facebook)

Brew Guides

Great coffee deserves to be skillfully brewed, and you don’t have to be a barista to master the essentials. These guides are our top tips to get you brewing. Choose the coffee method that’s right for you, apply these principles to your brewing game, and customize our recipes to your taste for a made-to-order coffee experience at home.

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