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Fast Forward

Nutty Sweet Light

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Medium Roast

In Fast Forward, we offer similar coffees from different harvest periods, making it easy to enjoy fresh coffees throughout the year. And Fast Forward allows us to evolve by working with emerging coffee projects.

Blend Components:  100% Adenisa, Guatemala

This coffee may come in temporary packaging due to supply shortages.

KSA Kosher


Counter Culture only roasts the coffea arabica, but, under the species of arabica, we buy dozens of different coffee varieties from around the world. Learn more about varieties here.



Processing is the method to turn the fruit from a coffee tree into dried green coffee ready for roasting.


This refers to the elevation at which this coffee was grown.



This refers to the amount of time this coffee will be available for purchase at Counter Culture. Availability is determined by supply and also when the coffee tastes the freshest.


Several years ago, we made the decision to sell coffees in their recently-harvested prime and added each coffee's harvest date(s) to its packaging. While this helped to make our selections fresher than ever, it also meant that selecting the freshest coffees required a bit of research for customers. Fast Forward—like a Community Supported Agriculture box from Latin American coffee farms—makes choosing the freshest coffees easy with a consistent flavor profile that's sweet and nutty with medium-light body.

Long-time customers may remember this coffee from its original name, Farmhouse, which was in use until fall 2014.

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