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Coffee has the potential to thrive in healthy, biodiverse environments while also supporting the livelihoods of the farmers and communities who grow it. While paying more for green coffee and ensuring coffee producers receive greater economic value for their product is the most important investment in sustainability we make, our programs at origin also work to push that potential.

Transparency Report

Transparency is a philosophy of sharing information freely in an effort to benefit a value stream and its participants. Our transparency report, published annually since 2009, shares the amount we pay for coffee and the impact our sourcing strategy has on the coffee value stream. Since that first report, we’ve continuously examined and expanded what we report on as we strive to use transparency to create a better company and coffee industry.

Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

Coffee farmers are facing increased risks due to shifting weather patterns caused by climate change. We collaborated with Twin and the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University to produce a toolkit for facilitating climate change adaptation workshops with coffee farmers. The workshop draws on the knowledge and experience of the participants which results in solutions that are specifically tailored to both the local effects of climate change and the resources available to farmers.


Our Seeds program gives small grants to producers and producer organizations we work with to implement sustainability projects they identify as beneficial. Whether it’s a school closer to a community or an organic composting setup, sustainability projects usually require capital to get up and running. We fund many diverse projects, believing strongly that our producer partners know what’s most needed in their communities.

Third Party Verification

Sustainability as it relates to coffee-growing is complex—encompassing interwoven environmental, social, and financial issues. We value continuous improvement and strive to make a measurable impact in everything we do. To better-reflect this complexity and work towards that goal, we’ve partnered with Enveritas, a global sustainability platform, to measure and share farm-level sustainability performance with our suppliers. Working collaboratively and with comprehensive information, we strive to make coffee a force for good in the world.

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