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Decaf K’uychi

Nariño, Colombia

Black Cherry Dried Date Molasses

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Light Roast

A delicious cup of decaf coffee is a beautiful thing. This lot was harvested by the K’uychi group in Nariño, Colombia and then decaffeinated at the first and only decaffeination plant in Colombia, which uses sugarcane for the process.The result is one of the sweetest and most complex cups of coffee we've ever tasted, with notes of black cherry, dried date, and molasses.
KSA Kosher


Castillo, Colombia




1,700–1,800 meters


Through early-June 2021


The Nariño region is known for producing some of Colombia's finest and highest-altitude coffees. Since 2015, Counter Culture has been purchasing coffee from an inspiring association of 29 producers in the town of Samaniego working together to improve their farms and offer unique coffees from their community.

This coffee was decaffeinated at DESCAFECOL, the first and only decaffeination plant in Colombia. DESCAFECOL uses ethyl acetate, a derivative of sugarcane, during the decaffeination process. The result is one of the sweetest and most-complex cups of decaffeinated coffee we've ever tasted, perhaps owing, in part, to the sugar used during the process. Decaf coffee drinkers are the true coffee lovers––here for the flavor, not for the kick––and we hope you enjoy it.

K’uychi means “rainbow” in the indigenous Quechua language and is the name the farmers chose for their coffee to distinguish it from other groups in the region. 

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