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Sololá, Guatemala

stone fruit raisin syrupy

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Light Roast

Representing three villages near beautiful Lake Atitlán in southwestern Guatemala, La Asociación Integral Unidos Para Vivir Mejor (ASUVIM), is a small coffee association with a strong focus on quality. Approximately 50 producers, growing mostly Pache and Typica varieties, bring their ripe coffee cherries to a central mill each evening where the coffee is processed to create this exceptional lot. Look for flavors of stone fruit and raisin with a syrupy body.

USDA Organic KSA Kosher


Pache and Typica




1,800–2,015 meters


Through late-December 2021


Although we purchased coffee from La Asociación Integral Unidos Para Vivir Mejor (ASUVIM) in the past, 2016 was the first year we had direct communication by traveling to visit farmers and members of the association. It was during this visit that we recognized the group's ability to create great coffee, but also their desire to make improvements through better picking and sorting, as well as improved coffee-drying practices. Additionally, organic farming practices are commonplace in this region, and we are excited that ASUVIM remains certified organic. 

ASUVIM was created with the help of a non-governmental organization in 2003. The focus of this NGO was not just to facilitate production of coffee, but to assist residents and provide agricultural training, childhood education, community organization, and governmental representation. The wet mill facility was constructed to serve the community as a central place for meetings, offices, and eco-tourism, as well as a small school for local children. ASUVIM is one of 13 secondary associations that delivers its coffee to the primary cooperative, Manos Campesinas. 

ASUVIM (pronounced ah-sue-VEME) is the Asociación Integral Unidos Para Vivir Mejor, which roughly translates to the state's Integral Association for a Better Life. 

Producers are located in the village of Palestina in the municipality of San Juan La Laguna (Tzutujil ethnic group) as well as Paquip in the municipality of Santa Clara La Laguna (Kich'e ethnic group) and Santa María Visitación. The central mill, or washing station, is located in Paquip. This area is well known for its dynamic landscape. Nearby Lake Atitlán gives way to several active volcanoes and the surrounding communities thrive on the tourism it attracts. 

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