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At Counter Culture Coffee, we are lifelong students of coffee. The more we learn, the more we are driven to share our discoveries with customers, supply chain partners, and industry peers.

Brewing Guides

Great coffee deserves to be skillfully brewed, whether it’s served at a coffee shop or your kitchen table. You don’t have to be a barista to master the essentials: Here are our tips to get you brewing. Choose the coffee method that’s right for you, apply these principles to your brewing game, and customize our recipes to your taste for a made-to-order coffee experience.

We love to welcome coffee lovers to our state-of-the-art regional training centers. At our free weekly Tastings at Ten, we brew and taste coffee together and share stories about where the coffees come from. ProDev events provide coffee professionals with peer-driven knowledge to keep ahead of industry issues and trends, and our hands-on Home Brew classes offer the skills and knowledge you need to brew great coffee at home.


Home Brew

Ready to make cafe-quality coffee at home? Our Home Brew classes—which include Brewing Coffee at Home and Espresso at Home—give you the skills and knowledge to make perfect coffee in your own kitchen. We’ll provide expert hands-on instruction for pour over brewing, dialing in your espresso, and steaming milk. We’ll also show you how to tailor your brew recipe and grind size, and offer advice to find your perfect coffee(s). Classes are open to the public. Registration is required.

Resource Center

For more than 20 years, we’ve been captivated by coffee. Our fascination inspires us to compile and share what we know: these dynamic online resources provide accessible information ranging from quick + easy brewing videos to interactive tools to aid your coffee selection.

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