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Nariño, Colombia

Cherry Vanilla Juicy

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Light Roast

Nariño is known for producing some of Colombia’s highest-quality coffees. Located in the far eastern part of the region, Santafé is a geographically isolated town with high altitude and even higher potential for quality coffee. This is Counter Culture's fifth year purchasing coffee from a group of dedicated producers and their coffee pleases with juicy flavors of cherry and vanilla.
KSA Kosher


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia




1,950–2,200 meters


Through early-March 2022


This coffee is the result of a unique supply stream for Counter Culture. The community of Santafé has been producing coffee since the 1960’s and, until recently, selling their coffees for minimum market prices to traders in a nearby town. That all changed in 2016 through the work of husband and wife team, Carlos Torres Burbano and Angela Patiño Findlay. Carlos, the son of coffee producers, is endlessly curious about coffee processing. Angela is trained in coffee quality assessment. Together, and with Counter Culture signed on as a buying partner, they provide on-the-ground technical assistance and in-the-moment tasting and quality feedback to farmers, helping these farmers improve their coffees and ultimately garner high premiums through our purchases. 

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