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Micro-Face Blend

Raisin Dark Chocolate Full-bodied

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Light Roast

Let's face it–before coffee, morning brain activity tends to be quite micro. Yet, you don't need to be a superhero to feel like one. Enjoying an avenging coffee like Micro-Face Blend will have you feeling superhuman. This supersonic mix of light and dark Nicaraguan roasts amplifies the flavor and, later, your clarity. So whether you're fighting crime or traffic, Micro-Face gives voice to your strongest coffee desires.
KSA Kosher





Through mid-July 2022


In making NPR's Micro-Face Blend, Counter Culture went for macro flavor. That approach meant turning to a robust Nicaraguan coffee from the Finca La Victoria. Finca La Victoria sits nestled in the quiet pine forests of Dipilto, Nicaragua, a community widely known for producing some of the best coffees in the country. Year after year, the Lovo family works with their dedicated staff to improve coffee quality by refining their systems–from farm health to fermentation techniques.

To create the pitch-perfect blend with flavor turned up to 11, Counter Culture combined two roasts of coffee from Finca La Victoria. A lighter and a darker roast join forces to create the powerful Micro-Face Blend. That approach brings notes of juicy raisin and sweet dark chocolate flavors with a man-of-steel mouthfeel. Odds are, you'll think it's super! 

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