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Kabeywa Natural Sundried

Kapchorwa, Uganda

Strawberry Grape Cashew

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Light Roast

Our partners at the Kawacom washing station have been on the forefront of specialty coffee production in Uganda, a country mostly known for producing commercial-grade robustas. Using high-quality arabica cherries grown on the fertile soils ofMount Elgon, their natural sundried process prioritizes quality and consistency at every step. The result redefines what to expect from Ugandan coffee and tastes like strawberry, grape, and cashew. 

USDA Organic KSA Kosher


SL-14 and SL-28


Natural Sundried


1,800–1,900 meters


Through early-August 2022


For years, we have encouraged partners across the globe to produce great natural sundried coffees. The process requires careful attention to detail, but can produce unique flavors and delicious results. In 2015, we started testing the process with our partner, Kawacom, in Uganda. 

The majority of Ugandan coffees are naturally sundried, however, most are not known for their quality. Harvested at uneven levels of ripeness and dried on the dirt, these coffees usually trade for a very low price. However, with Kawacom’s focus on quality, we knew the potential was there for an excellent version of the process.

To produce this coffee, Kawacom sources cherries from the high elevation community of Kabeywa. They float the cherries in water, an extra step that sorts the coffee for density and improves consistency. The cherries are then dried slowly and turned frequently on raised beds to promote even drying. The resulting coffee has fruit-forward notes of strawberry, grape, with a cashew cream-like finish. 

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