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Sabor | What do YOU taste?

Find Your Flavor

We are excited to release a new version of the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel—a slightly more modern design with some vocabulary tweaks to reflect what we’re currently tasting—along with a Spanish-translated edition. There is, of course, a vast range of words used to describe flavor across individuals, cultures, and dialects, but there are also many commonalities. There’s no one right answer, but there is excitement in being able to articulate an experience and joy when consensus is reached with others. Tools like the flavor wheel help us get there.

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Flavor Wheel


Sabor is Spanish for flavor, and this coffee is a celebration of the flavors we perceive in coffee. Our Taster’s Flavor Wheel is a tool meant to help people recall and identify what they’re tasting when they’re sipping coffee. We’re excited to release a new version of the Taster’s Flavor Wheel, along with a Spanish edition.

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