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Short Wave Summer Blend

Tangerine Mixed Berries Dynamic

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Light Roast

The universe is full of little surprises–like the Short Wave Summer Blend! Counter Culture's coffee chemists spent weeks in the lab concocting this incredibly balanced blend. They hypothesized that combining fresh, quality coffees from East Africa and Central America would yield an incredible cup, and wow…did their theory prove correct! Whether you're a rocket scientist, a morning rocket fuel drinker, or both, we're sure you'll form a (molecular) bond with this dynamic coffee that has notes of mixed berries and tangerine!

KSA Kosher






Through late-October 2022


In summer and early fall, Counter Culture receives some incredibly unique coffees with extraordinary flavor profiles. Short Wave Summer Blend combines three of those coffees—from East Africa and Central America—when they're at their peak. Through this blend, each coffee shines a little brighter by being present in equal parts. 

For Short Wave Summer Blend, Counter Culture roasts the coffees separately to maximize each one’s unique flavor potential. The roasted coffees are color sorted, removing any subpar beans and creating a sweeter, clearer, more consistently delicious beverage. In the end, Short Wave really packs a punch. The wave may be short, but the flavor sure isn't! 

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