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Nuevo Amanecer

El Tambo, Nariño, Colombia

Orange Brown Sugar Crisp

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Light Roast

Since 2012, we have been working with coffee farmers in communities around Nariño to build new supply chains that pay higher prices for higher-quality coffees. The system has resulted in farmers, who previously worked individually, now sharing and investing in community resources. This year’s coffee comes from 68 members and the quality is testament to the group’s cohesive efforts. We taste crisp notes of orange and brown sugar.  

KSA Kosher


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Counter Culture only roasts the coffea arabica, but, under the species of arabica, we buy dozens of different coffee varieties from around the world. Learn more about varieties here.



Processing is the method to turn the fruit from a coffee tree into dried green coffee ready for roasting.


1,720–2,250 meters

This refers to the elevation at which this coffee was grown.


Through late-April 2020

This refers to the amount of time this coffee will be available for purchase at Counter Culture. Availability is determined by supply and also when the coffee tastes the freshest.


Nuevo Amanecer translates to "new dawn," a fitting description for the beginnings of our partnership with coffee farmers in Nariño, Colombia. We were first introduced to farmers in the region in 2012 through the Borderlands project initiated by Catholic Relief Services. Before the project, most producers sold their coffee for minimal premiums to two exporters working on behalf of two large buyers. Through the project, producers banded together in associations to sell their coffees to roasters and exporters, creating a new business model of quality-differentiated coffee previously unseen in Nariño. We started working with the newly-formed Agrocafe El Tambo association, producers of Nuevo Amanecer, in 2015, who, at the time, counted 38 members.  

Every year, the association grows in membership and deepens their investment in shared resources to improve both the quality of their coffee and sustainability of their farms. In 2019, the group received a Counter Culture Seeds grant to build a nursery for coffee trees and shade/reforestation trees. Previous community projects the group has undertaken include mounting a communal worm-composting system and laboratories for making natural sulfite-based fertilizers, which reduces the use of chemical fertilizers on farms. 


Nuevo Amanecer translates to "new dawn" and is the name chosen by the members of the Agrocafe El Tambo association to represent their coffee. 

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