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National Public Roast

Dark Chocolate Smoky Full-Bodied

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Darker Roast

For National Public Roast, we celebrate dark roasts by selecting some of our best certified organic coffees and roasting them to create a profile that is sweet, clean, smoky, and nuanced.

This coffee is also a celebration of the Counter Culture x NPR relationship. We’ve come together in the name of delicious coffee and a more informed public. And we hope you enjoy both!

Blend Components60% Villa Nueva, Honduras / 30% Okolu Natural, Ethiopia / 10% RFA Washed, Ethiopia

USDA Organic KSA Kosher








This blend has consistently emerged as a favorite. It isn't just any old dark roasted coffee. The components in the recipe were carefully chosen to maximize sweetness and maintain complexity through dark roasting. 

Like other blends on our menu, the components of National Public Roast are from the same certified organic partners that produce Single Origin coffees, bringing our sourcing and product creation together in an intentional way.

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