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NPR Single-Origin Subscription - Two 12 oz bags

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Light Roast

Two different 12 oz bags of seasonal, fresh-roasted coffees selected every two weeks by Counter Culture's Coffee Department and delivered directly to you. Two bags total with each shipment.

When you sign up for a Two-Bag Subscription right now, you'll receive these Single-Origin coffees:

Sipi from Kapchorwa, Uganda. Look for notes of berry, melon, and caramel (see Story below for more).

Finca La Victoria – Maragogipe Variety (Subscriber Exclusive) from Dipilto, Nicaragua. Look for flavors of golden raisin and candied walnut, with a crisp finish (see Story below for more).

Your credit card will be billed per shipment. Subscriptions begin the next business day after they are received.

KSA Kosher







Eastern Uganda is home to Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano with the ideal altitude and soil for growing high-quality coffee. This coffee was produced by 89 farmers located in the Sipi community, centered around a magnificent waterfall. These farmers have been working with Mountain Harvest to improve the quality of their coffee in the hopes of gaining higher prices and more recognition for their product. Their hard work has paid off. We taste berry, melon, and caramel.

Finca La Victoria – Maragogipe Variety

Discovered in Brazil during the late 19th century, the Maragogipe variety has become well-known for its enormous bean size and big flavors. Though its popularity has waned, many Nicaraguan producers have kept up the tradition of cultivating this unique variety. We're excited to present this lot grown on the Lovo family’s Finca La Victoria. Every year, it continues to be one of the best examples of the variety we taste in Latin America. Look for flavors of golden raisin and candied walnut, with a crisp finish. 

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