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It's Bean a Minute

Fruity Milk Chocolate Syrupy

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Medium Roast

Showcasing some of our finest coffees with notes of ripe fruit and chocolate, It’s Bean a Minute is our most multidimensional blend . We put tremendous work into sourcing these coffees and combine them to create something distinctly complex. If it has bean a minute since you’ve found an interesting new coffee that you love, this one comes highly recommended!

Blend Components70% Codech, Guatemala / 30% Gogogu Natural, Ethiopia

KSA Kosher








It’s Bean a Minute’s recipe always includes a natural sundried coffee. Naturally sundried coffees have punchy fruit notes and a fuller body and those are some of the primary flavors of It’s Bean a Minute. Yet, It’s Bean a Minute is more than it seems like initially. The other coffees in the blend—sweet and clean washed coffees—add layered notes of pastry, chocolate, and delicate fruits. 

It’s Bean a Minute is a great coffee for drinkers that want a complex coffee experience and embrace the fruityness that is a constant dimension of its flavor.

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