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Dark Roast

Colombia, with its diverse landscapes and climate that supports year-round harvesting, is one of our favorite coffee origins to source fresh, high-quality coffees from small-scale farmers. For Brewline, we use 100% Colombian coffees and roast them to create a syrupy-bodied coffee with notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and berry. Brewline is one of our dark roast blends.

Blend Components100% Nueva Amanacer, Colombia

KSA Kosher








Colombia is the second-largest producer of Arabica coffee and third-largest producer of coffee in the world. Their coffee Federation purchases coffees from small-scale farmers and exports large lots of coffees homogenized by region or grade. Though it’s easy to find and purchase these generic-tasting coffees, we’ve worked hard over the years to develop traceable supply chains where we can purchase high-quality coffees from the same farmers year after year and, more importantly, pay premiums based on quality. 

Frequent harvesting in Colombia results in near-constant deliveries that keep Brewline tasting fresh. Instead of losing complexity from darker roasting, the dense, high-quality Colombian coffees maintain their characteristics while tasting full-bodied and approachably sweet. Brewline offers sweet, sugar-browning flavors developed through roasting with a delightful, vibrant acidity.

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