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Cueva de los Llanos

Buesaco and Chachagüí, Nariño, Colombia

Green Grape Almond Milk Chocolate

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Light Roast

Agrounidos, the association behind Cueva de los Llanos, is headquartered in the town of Buesaco, in eastern Nariño. Their members grow coffee in Buesaco and Chachagüí, an area known for its high altitude and mild climate. We work closely with the association every year to select the best lots for this product. Look for notes of green grape, almond, and milk chocolate.
KSA Kosher


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Counter Culture only roasts the coffea arabica, but, under the species of arabica, we buy dozens of different coffee varieties from around the world. Learn more about varieties here.



Processing is the method to turn the fruit from a coffee tree into dried green coffee ready for roasting.


1,900–2,100 meters

This refers to the elevation at which this coffee was grown.


Through mid-May 2021

This refers to the amount of time this coffee will be available for purchase at Counter Culture. Availability is determined by supply and also when the coffee tastes the freshest.


Counter Culture started working with the Agrounidos association, producers of Cueva de los Llanos, in 2015. The association originated out of the Borderlands Project, initiated in 2012 by Catholic Relief Services. Through the project, producers banded together in associations, creating a new business model of quality-differentiated coffee previously unseen in Nariño. Coffees from this area of Nariño are renowned for being some of the best in the region, and theirs is one of our favorites each year.  

In 2019, the association applied for and was the recipient of a Counter Culture Seeds grant to build communal apiaries. Bees pollinate coffee and food crops, generating income potential from increased yields as well as from sales of bee products, like honey. This project was identified as an impactful climate change adaptation solution through a climate adaptation workshop in which Agrounidos participated.  

Cueva de los Llanos is the name these farmers chose for their coffee to distinguish it from other coffees in the region. It refers to a cave in Buesaco that is renowned locally for containing fossils relating to the ancient Quillacinga people.

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