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Finca Pashapa – Dark Roast

La Labor, Honduras

Dark Chocolate Roasted Marshmallow Thick

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Darker Roast

The Salazar family in western Honduras is Counter Culture's oldest continuous coffee supplier. They've sold coffee to Counter Culture from their farm, Finca Pashapa, since 2002. This year, Counter Culture is releasing the coffee in one of its favorite formats: a dark-roasted, single-origin selection. In Finca Pashapa Dark Roast, you'll taste flavors of dark chocolate and roasted marshmallow, with a thick, rich texture.
KSA Kosher


Bourbon, Catuai, and Paraniema




1,500 meters


Through late-November 2021


Even at a company with a roster of coffees from long-term relationships, there has to be a first. In 2002, Counter Culture bought 30 bags of Finca Pashapa's coffee. In 2005, Counter Culture first met the Salazar family and in 2008, they visited Finca Pashapa. The two businesses have grown and changed since then, but the family’s commitment to their community and the natural environment, and, most of all, their dedication to finding a way to sell at least a portion of their coffee to Counter Culture has yielded continuous collaboration.

The Salazars began farming coffee near the village of Pashapa when the region was best known for growing sugar cane. In fact, the town Pashapa gets its name from a popular snack of boiled-down sugarcane panela on a tortilla. Jorge Salazar and his wife, Coyo, raised six children on Finca Pashapa—four of whom now live there with their own families and help run the farm. 

Some people have negative associations with dark roasts, equating them with a "lipstick on a pig" approach to coffee roasting that hides lower-quality flavors under excessive smokiness. Yet, darker roasting can create a sweet and complex cup when using high quality coffees like Finca Pashapa. With  its reduced perceived acidity and increased body and richness, this year's iteration is a comforting offering from a model partnership.

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