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NPR Single-Origin Subscription - Two 12 oz bags

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Light Roast

Two different 12 oz bags of seasonal, fresh-roasted coffees selected every two weeks by Counter Culture's Coffee Department and delivered directly to you. Two bags total with each shipment.

When you sign up for a Two-Bag Subscription right now, you'll receive these Single-Origin coffees:

Cinco de Junio from Las Sabanas, Nicaragua. Look for flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate, and pear (see Story below for more).

Makali  *Subscriber Exclusive* from Bududa, Uganda. Look for notes of citrus, currant, and chocolate (see Story below for more).

Your credit card will be billed per shipment. Subscriptions begin the next business day after they are received.

KSA Kosher






Cinco de Junio 

The Cinco de Junio cooperative, located in the department of Madriz, is our oldest partnership in Nicaragua. Since we started buying from the group in 2009, economic and political conditions, as well as climate changes, have forced the cooperative and its members to adjust their practices to produce the best coffee possible. Though their quality has, at times, wavered, their perseverance has not. This season’s lot delivers classic flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate, and pear.


This coffee comes to us via Mountain Harvest, a company working to increase the quality of Ugandan coffee and the resilience of the farmers growing it. Uganda––unlike its regional neighbors, Ethiopia and Kenya––has only recently been seen as a producer of quality, premium coffee. Founded in 2017, Mountain Harvest has played a major role in that change. Counter Culture has purchased coffee from their value streams since 2018, noting and encouraging improvements over time. 

This microlot was produced by 15 farmers located in the Makali community on Mount Elgon. Mountain Harvest has been collaborating with these farmers on strategic infrastructure investments and developing a quality management program capable of being implemented in more communities. Counter Culture sponsored this initiative through a Seeds grant, and we’re thrilled to share exclusively with you the seeds of the fruit of this season’s harvest.

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