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NPR Single-Origin Subscription - Two 12 oz bags

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Light Roast

Two different 12 oz bags of seasonal, fresh-roasted coffees selected every four weeks by Counter Culture's Coffee Department and delivered directly to you. Two bags total with each shipment.

When you sign up for a Two-Bag Subscription right now, you'll receive these Single-Origin coffees:

Los Charapanos  from Zumba, Ecuador.Tasting notes of sugar, orange and graham cracker.

Ymelda Arteaga Regalado - Gesha Variety  from Chirinos, Peru. Tasting notes of tangerine and florals atop a pleasantly creamy body. (see Story below for more)

 Your credit card will be billed per shipment. Subscriptions begin the next business day after they are received.

KSA Kosher


Counter Culture only roasts the coffea arabica, but, under the species of arabica, we buy dozens of different coffee varieties from around the world. Learn more about varieties here.


Processing is the method to turn the fruit from a coffee tree into dried green coffee ready for roasting.


This refers to the elevation at which this coffee was grown.


This refers to the amount of time this coffee will be available for purchase at Counter Culture. Availability is determined by supply and also when the coffee tastes the freshest.


Los Charapanos

The highlands surrounding the town of Zumba are a patchwork of small coffee farms growing the great-tasting varieties Caturra, Typica and Bourbon. Here, members of the ACRIM cooperative work together to raise the bar for quality. In this area, locals take pride in calling themselves Charapanos, a regional nickname inspired by a local species of ant they describe as hardworking and steadfast. This effort is evident in the quality of the coffee which has brown sugar, orange and graham cracker notes, typical of great coffees from southern Ecuador.

Ymelda Arteaga Regalado - Gesha Variety

Ymelda Arteaga Regalado is a member of the Cenfrocafe cooperative, based in Northern Peru. The co-op is one of our longest running partnerships anywhere in the world, and in late 2019 we tasted a sample that stopped us in our tracks. Through a varietal diversification project led by Cenfrocafe, Ymelda began growing the coveted Gesha variety on a small section of her farm located in the famous region of Chirinos. That sample was from her first harvest of the newly planted plot, and we were wowed by its unique flavor profile. This year’s harvest has been another success, and we are excited to share the entirety of this year’s production with our NPR subscribers. We taste big notes of tangerine and florals atop a pleasantly creamy body.

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