Quick + Easy Pour Over

Quick + Easy Pour Over

Pour over is an easy-to-master brewing method that any quality-minded minimalist will love. Simple manual brewers such as Beehouse or Kalita Wave drippers produce aromatic, sweet and clean coffees. The former and latter are great choices for brewing for one or two; larger format brewers (like a Chemex) just require minor recipe tweaks to make enough coffee for the whole band.


Ratio: ~1:17

30 g coffee : 500 g water

Grind: Medium

Water Temperature: 200 °F

Makes one, 16 oz cup of coffee

*This recipe will work well with any pour-over device with multiple drain holes such as the beehouse, Kalita Wave or bonmac dripper.

Grind Size

  • Heat Water

    to 200 °F

  • Grind Coffee

    Weigh 30 g coffee and grind on medium setting, slightly finer than kosher salt

  • Prep Brewer

    Place filter in the brewer, place on top of carafe, and rinse the filter with hot water. Discard rinse water, place ground coffee in filter, and shake to level grounds.

  • Bloom Grounds

    Start a timer and pour 60 g of water to wet all the coffee. Wait 30 seconds and then pour water in circular motion to 200 g.

  • Brew Coffee

    By 1:00 the water should have drained a centimeter, add 100 g of water in a circular motion. Repeat this process every 30 seconds, or as the water drains a centimeter, pouring water in a circular pattern until reaching a total weight of 500 g. The coffee should finish draining by 3:30-4:00 minutes.

  • Coffee drinking time!

    Serve and enjoy!