Quick + Easy French Press

Quick + Easy French Press


For 1L/34 oz press 

Ratio: 1:15

54 g coffee : 800 g water

Grind: Medium coarse, like kosher salt

Water Temperature: 200°F

Makes two, 12 oz cups of coffee

Note: This recipe works with any size French press. Determine the amount of water it holds and then use 1 gram of coffee for every 15 grams of water

Grind Size

  • Heat Water

    to 200 °F

  • Grind Coffee

    Measure 54 g of coffee and grind medium coarse, like kosher salt

  • Begin Brewing

    Put ground coffee in the brewer, start a timer, and add 800 g of hot water

  • Stir Brew

    After 30 seconds has passed, stir the coffee with the spoon and place the lid on top

  • Slowly Plunge

    When timer reaches 4:00 minutes slowly press down on plunger 

  • Coffee Drinking Time

    Pour and enjoy!