Quick + Easy AeroPress

Quick + Easy AeroPress


Inverted Method

Ratio: ~1:11

18 g coffee : 200g water

Grind: Medium-fine 

Water Temperature: 200 °F

Makes one, 6 oz cup of coffee

Grind Size

  • Heat Water

    To  200 °F

  • Grind Coffee

    Weigh 18 g of coffee and grind on medium-fine setting, slightly finer than a pour over

  • Prep Brewer

    With Aeropress upside down, insert plunger ~1 cm into brewing chamber, creating a tight seal. Place filter in cap of Aeropress and rinse with hot water, do not screw onto brew chamber yet.

  • Begin Brewing

    Add coffee to brew chamber through funnel and shake to level grounds.

    Start timer and add 200 g water 

  • Brew Coffee

    Stir with paddle to saturate all coffee grounds and screw filter cap onto brewing chamber.

    Steep until 1:30 minutes

  • Invert

    Carefully flip Aeropress onto mug and gently press plunger for ~15 seconds, stopping when you hear it “hiss”

  • Coffee Drinking Time!

    Serve and enjoy!