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Climate change is predicted to reduce 50% of the arable land suitable for growing coffee by 2050. Sustaining the livelihood of coffee farmers and the supply of high quality coffee requires implementing adaptation strategies specific to the local changes.

Climate Change Adaptation Workshop

In 2013, Counter Culture partnered with a professor and a group of Masters students from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University to study the impact of climate change and potential adaptation strategies for coffee farmers. Using qualitative research methodology to gather information from farmers, co-op leaders, technical experts, and government leaders, the students researched the effects of climate change and suggested adaptation strategies at CODECH in Guatemala, ASORGANICA in Colombia, and CENFROCAFE in Peru. In 2015, students returned to CODECH and CENFROCAFE to study the feasibility of implementing the recommended strategies. Working with Twin, we used information from these studies to produce a climate change adaptation workshop. In the workshop, farmers identify the most impactful and feasible adaptation solutions for their organization.

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