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Employee Green Fund



We have some awesome employees here at Counter Culture who think about sustainability not only at work, but in their own lives, as well. One of these sustainably-minded folks is Chelsea Thoumsin, a coffee buyer in our Coffee Department in Durham, North Carolina.

Chelsea first got into beekeeping while living in Philadelphia and working as a Customer Relations Representative at our Philadelphia regional training center. Already interested in sustainable agriculture from what she’d learned about coffee, she sought out people and organizations doing similar work in her neighborhood. One of the friendships that grew out of this interest was with a hobbyist beekeeper. After the first time Chelsea helped him collect honey from his hives, she was hooked.

Using Counter Culture’s employee green fund, Chelsea bought books on how to keep bees and equipment to make her own hives, eventually placing a few on the roof of the Philadelphia training center. Gallons of honey and a good number of stings later, Chelsea says, “I’ve really learned how to balance my desire to manage with learning to let go and trust that nature knows best.”

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